LOVE: The Beginning…

“These are my feet on the ground.”

manipura illustration

I encourage my students to say these words to themselves whenever they feel ‘un-tethered.’ That feeling normally comes because of sudden stress or anxiety about a person or an event, and can potentially trigger a less than favorable reaction. The more you feel your proverbial feet on the ground, the more you root into the space in which you find yourself, the more likely you are to draw support from that space and confidently breathe into whatever happens next.


This mantra is also very useful for assessing the place in which you NOW find yourself with honesty and acceptance. I am of the belief that the more you exist in your current space, the more likely you are to grow from that space. When it comes to actual self love, and actual self care, most of us live in our heads (in some imaginary future). We’ll get around to self care once we’ve earned it by working a certain number of hours, making a certain amount of money, losing a certain amount of weight, or taking care of a certain amount of tasks involving other things or people.  I’ve come in contact with so many people who talk about ‘trying’ to practice self care. As if there is any actual try involved (this also means that they haven’t gotten around to taking care of themselves, because they’re not even comfortable with the self that needs care). Do or do not. To even get to that space, you have to be honest about the skin that you are now in. Right here. Right now.


Breathe fully. Breathe consciously. Breathe into the space that you now occupy. You are here. You are breathing. You are alive. No matter your circumstance, these things are true. Understanding this fundamental truth reveals something that you might not even know you have: choice. In choice there is power. You have the power to grow from this place. You have the power to change. You have the power to practice self care. Right here. Right now.


Stay here, or move from here. The choice is yours. You already took the first step with the first conscious breath. There is no limit to what can happen now.



Shahada Karim

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