Love, Angie

My number one source of self care is yoga! Other things that come to mind are a bubble bath with a blunt, quality time with my husband & cat, lunch with a friend, or an amazing hike! But it can also look like treating yourself to coffee or your favorite meal, angiealone time, getting lost in a good book, speaking up for yourself (it’s ok to say no!), a mani/pedi, or simply just allowing yourself some rest (easier said than done, at least for me)!
A few years back, I was very unhealthy. I drank alcohol almost every night of my 20s, I  gained about 30 pounds, I was working an extremely stressful desk job that I hated with all of my being. I developed a bad rash on my face, and eventually found myself at a dermatologist (thinking I had rosacea). The dermatologist looked at me and said, it looks like you have a butterfly rash, I think you have lupus. This was quite a shock to me & the last thing I expected to hear! But, we had to do blood-work to find out for sure. It turned out I did have lupus, AND my thyroid levels were off the charts. I went to a rheumatologist & an endocrinologist and it turns out I also have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, another auto immune disease. It’s basically hypothyroidism, but my immune system is attacking my thyroid, causing it to not create enough thyroid hormone. I supplement what my body does not make with medication, and it took about two years angie-2.jpgto get the dosage just right. But once we got there and my thyroid levels were back to normal, I began to finally start losing weight (before I knew what was wrong I was working out at the gym and could not get my weight to drop) and started getting healthy again. Needless to say, I was in dire need of some self care! I started on my yoga journey around the same time all of this was happening, and it helped IMMENSELY.
Sure, my yoga membership costs me every month, and it takes time & energy to go to class. BUT, I always joke that my yoga membership is more valuable than my health insurance. It’s not really a joke though, it IS more valuable than my health insurance! It keeps me healthy & sane, and that is PRICELESS. You are investing in yourself, and that is more than worth it. And it will definitely cost more down the line in medical bills if you don’t take care of yourself now (I’ve already had a taste of that!).
 I practice daily self care via #YOGAEVERYDAMNDAY (or as often as possible)! I know that may sound crazy, but please don’t knock it til you try it! And even if you can’t do it every day, even if you can just make it to your mat once a week, you will absolutely feel a difference! I originally came to yoga looking for a workout after I gained weight. I tried everything: CrossFit, BodyPump, Pop Physique, Zumba, cycle, Pilates – but then I arrived at yoga. I enjoyed it so much, it was easy to stick with it & remain consistent. At first I did mainly sculpt classes & doubled up. Then I noticed a big shift mentally, and with working a job I hated so much, I started coming to yoga more for my sanity. Being within the four corners of my mat became my little bubble, my sanctuary, time for ME. I was away from my phone… away from my worries. Once I shed the weight (I lost 30 lbs!) and was at a point of maintaining, there was about a year where I only did Vinyasa classes, solely for the mental part of it. It made me feel SO GOOD. When I did yoga teacher training, the yoga philosophy teacher said something that stuck with me, “Give them what they think they want, wrapped in what they need.” Most people will come to yoga for a workout, but start feeling amazing in other ways and don’t know why, that’s what keeps them coming back! It’s not something I can really explain or put into words. It’s something you just have to try & experience for yourself! It’s truly connecting mind, body, spirit. So, you can see why yoga is my main source of self care! It’s something I very truly & passionately believe in. As far as other daily practical self care tips – I feel like I covered most of them in the first paragraph: Take a bath, spend quality time with the people (& pets) that mean the most to you (and be present!), get outside, eat good food, TREAT YO’ SELF!
I still struggle with the idea that I matter. I did yoga teacher training because my yoga practice means so much to me & has helped me in SO many ways (both mentally & physically). I want the ability to help others by reminding them that they matter. Now if I can just find a job teaching… 🙂 I try to always spread positive vibes, whether in person or through social media (so awesome to have that platform as well!). It is SO important that we support & uplift each other! Right now I sell Lularoe – and I place encouraging notes in every package. And every Sunday I have a #SelfCareSunday post in my group to encourage self care & hear about other peoples routines! I’m always looking for ways to spread the love! ❤



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