Love, Jordan

Once upon a time,  the mere mention of ‘self care’ would make me cringe. I’d feel like: “What is this person even talking about… this new-age feel good whatever the hell spiritual/emotional/mental… what does it even mean? Today, I see that the truth was that jordan 3I didn’t care enough about myself to practice self-care, so I hated what it represented and what it was. I’ve since come to realize that self care is a beautiful and healing tool that can be used to recover from our past and prepare us for whats to come. It’s a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience that can help us piece ourselves back together.

Self care reminds me that I have to take care of myself first before I am able to help others. If I’m skipping the things that help me to feel better, it slowly builds up a negative space inside of me. I might react more harshly or be critical of others around me, and that’s unfair. There are days where I let my self care routine slip, and I notice how it affects interactions with others and how I feel about myself.

One of the issues with self-care is that most people see it as an ‘afterthought.’ The truth is that it’s a necessity and it ought to be non-negotiable. And while it doesn’t have to cost a lot in terms of money, it does take time and energy to practice it. It’s also fair to consider that self care might not look ‘positive’ for everyone. It’s not all essential oils and bath bombs and hike through nature. Sometimes, it means setting boundaries in relationships or moving past old ideas and re-building ourselves in a way that promotes growth versus stifles it. It’s not always easy, but self-care can absolutely be used to discover a deeper understanding of ourselves, and live a more fulfilled and joyful life.

jordan 2
Personally, I practice self care with a morning meditation that runs anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. If I’m being honest, there are some days when I skip this step, and I definitely notice the difference. I also write a gratitude list or set a timer to write ‘stream of consciousness’ in gratitude and let the words just flow. I also try to move my body once a day.
If I’m being honest, reminding myself that I matter everyday can be tough. I try to pray and meditate to connect to myself, and to my concept of that which is Greater than me. That usually helps me step into a place of recognizing that I matter, and that the troubles and problems I face are only temporary. Once I started practicing self care, my attitude changed. I found that I treated people better, and that other’s took notice and asked how and why I’d changed. I hope that by setting a healthy example, I can show others that they matter, and that self care is an important component to living a well-rounded life.
self care jordan
*Jordan Severs has been leading bodies and breath through yoga since 2007. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is the owner of White Heat Yoga.

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