LOVE around the World (England)

*This letter was published with permission of the author. She has given us permission to publish her name.*

“I am Kelly! Not literally but I really get what she was saying. Her story really stuck with me because I know what it feels like to not know any better. If no one has ever taught you how to take care of yourself, how are you supposed to know? And when you weren’t born perfect and have ailments that have to be managed, it can make you feel even worse about how much work self care can be. I have to go above and beyond to do the basics, and it used to make me really angry. I’ve gotten better at it with a whole lot of practice. I know that it’s not anyone’s fault that I have to manage my stress levels, so now I just do it. But it’s a regular effort everyday and I have to remind myself that I’m worth the effort. I am so glad that people stepped forward to talk about their lives because someone like me really needed to see that and know that it’s not me against the world.”

-Love, Megan

(Birmingham, England)

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