LOVE around the World (Slovenia)

*This letter was published with permission from the author. The author has not given us permission to publish her/his name.*


I love these stories and ideas about how to take care of yourself and not be selfish about it. I feel like so many people want you to buy something to make yourself happy. Love is not about buying something. Love should be free. Loving yourself should be easy and free, but it’s really not. I’m so glad some people decided to come out and talk about it because every time you go on social media you see pictures of everyone pretending to be happy and pretending that life is so wonderful all the time. If you believe it’s all true, it can make you feel like you’re not doing your best to take care of yourself and love yourself. I started following your website because it’s good to know that we can reach out and see that other people are telling the truth about loving and taking care of yourself, and they don’t feel bad about it. I hope you keep doing stories like these, and not try to make people buy things to be happy.”

-A message from Slovenia

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