Love around the World (Canada)

*This letter was published with permission from the author. He has also given us permission to release his name and general location*

“Nice to see the men’s perspective on self care. I think that women have had a much better handle on it for so long, that everyone forgets that we men are not machines. Even with the recent (justified) uproar in the women’s ranks, men are as usual expected to join the call or sit down and shut up. If we express ourselves in such a way that is considered weak because we need to look after ourselves or we’re asking someone else to respect our time or needs… we get ridiculed for it. There is no weakness in wanting to take care of yourself. There is no weakness in asking people around you to respect that need. We are expected to just power through and deal with it, and that’s not fair or realistic. Kudos to the men who stood up and used their voices to talk about how important self care is. We can’t really take care of anything else in our lives, if we haven’t even dedicated some time and energy to taking care of ourselves.”

-Daniel (Quebec)

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