LOVE around the World (Los Angeles)

*This letter was published with permission of the author. The author has not given us permission to publish her/his name.*

“How good to see something real coming out of this city! Some of the stories were from people that I actually know… all I could think of was how everyone who’s not from Southern California thinks our beaches are the gold standard… and how that translates to our lifestyles being the gold standard. I know that SoCal has an image to maintain, so it was cool to see such a diverse group of people show that it’s not all fun in the sun. Some of us wake up every day determined to make the best of our lives, and not pretend that it’s all beach and sunsets and organic coffee in some cute corner neighborhood. There’s that too, but it’s false to pretend that it’s all we’re into and all we seek out on a regular basis. When I first heard about this project I thought it was going to be some granola tales about practicing yoga on the beach (see the theme?), but it turns out it wasn’t. And the more I read people’s stories the more I realized they were whole human beings with wants and needs not too different from my own. So I say all that to say I’m glad I stuck around and didn’t judge this project by you guys. It’s a good idea and you should do more of this kind of stuff.”

-A message from Los Angeles

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