The way we finish this sentence speaks volumes about the space that we currently occupy. Knowing this, we typically apply a ton of pressure on ourselves to finish in the most profound way possible… that we might appear favorable to ourselves and those observing us.

What happens when you answer that question in a less than favorable way?





There is no fault in telling the truth. In fact, there is great power in it. Energetically we hold the power of self identity in our physical core. So if we are honest about what is emanating from that place, we are more likely to grow from it, and change it to reach our potential. If you honestly recognize that you are uncertain, there are practical steps to ease that uncertainty. If you’re overwhelmed, there are measurable solutions to delegate or parcel responsibilities and make things more manageable. If you are afraid, own it. Embrace it. Then ask yourself why, and answer it honestly. Next, even if you have to write it down… workshop real, honest, practical ways to overcome that fear. And if you can’t do it alone, ask someone. Hell, ask us. Seriously.

Sometimes you have to start with something less than positive, in order to move into a more positive space. In this we practice balance. And it is in balance, that we find the manipurapotential to unleash power and purpose in our lives. Therefore, it stands to reason that we must first learn about thing thing that’s causing imbalance. Happiness is not some magic pill that we gain through daily affirmations and positive posts on social media. Happiness is a daily undertaking. This doesn’t mean that it’s always hard. But it does require a degree of effort and consciousness, that realistically some might find more challenging than others. Knowing that takes all the pressure off of the need to be upbeat and happy in the most plastic, obvious sense.

None of us is happy every moment of the day. But finding grounding in chaotic space, finding a smile in the middle of drama , finding a breath in the middle of a compressed space… these are acts of seeking balance. That’s the effort. That’s the work. And you’ll find that the more you seek out this balance, the more it becomes second nature.





From negative space to neutral space, we find absolute truths. Are you alive? Yes. Are you breathing? Yes. Are you here? Yes. From neutrality, we can open to possibility. With possibility comes choice, and with choice comes power. You have choice. You have power. You have the power to finish the sentence I AM, and grow from that place in any manner you choose. Take it.



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