I AM… Racquel

When did you discover your personal voice… your personal power?

I think that I am always discovering new layers of my personal voice, and it becomes more clear to me as the years add on.  I am the oldest of four and I can clearly recall how much pride I took in being a big sister as a little girl, which is still a big part of my personal voice today.  I always loved telling them stories and singing to them.  At 13, I began to write poetry and I can see now how that was a natural extension of my love of storytelling.  Writing poetry allowed me the express my personal voice in ways that I didn’t know how to otherwise.

In many ways I am the most solid in my personal power at this exact moment and I know that will only grow with time.  A lot of what I was granted in my younger years was grace and faith, but my personal power was being built.  I have always looked forward to aging because so much wisdom can come with the gift of time.  My grandmothers are my biggest inspiration for that.

What was the catalyst that revealed your voice?

I have been blessed with a personal connection to what the Infinite/ God is for me and I think that allowed me to trust the flow of life. I have always been driven to be of service to others because I have experienced challenges in many areas of my life.  Yet I have also been gifted with the tools and means to give back because of those events with empathy.  I am an introvert at heart, but when I see that someone else needs protection, support, or help, it has always given me the courage to speak.  It made me strong when others needed strength, kind when others needed love, and bravery when someone needed protection.

So I would say it is because I care about people and that made me realize that my voice matters and can make a difference.  Especially with how much the world is changing, I believe in unity we can create the changes that are ready to be actualized.

racquel 1

How do you use your voice to affect change around you?

I know that life is forever in session, but what I am being drawn to currently is sharing my knowledge with others through various mediums.  I hold Reiki Workshops and have created a Reiki Community where we can continue to support one another.  I hold Reiki Circles where anyone can come and participate.  More recently I began a Reiki With Racquel podcast where I answer Reiki related questions.

I also think it is important to be a part of causes bigger than oneself because it is when we band together for a common cause that change can occur and that starts in our communities.  I combine what I am passionate about; for example; social justice, income equality, and civil rights particularly for communities of color and the under-served, into what I can do to be a part of the transformation.  Voting, volunteering my time, donating what I no longer need, educating myself on areas that need upgrading, and connecting with like minds to grow, uplift, and conceptualize what we can do together.

Additionally I have my first poetry book being published in the coming months, where I hope to further my capacity to contribute to the world I know that we can live in.

How do you encourage others to find their voice… to find their power?

Living in alignment with what I teach and my values.  I am dedicated to being my best self and on my journey in seeking that, I learn much along the way.  It has been organic to give back what I already know, practice, and live.  Whether that is through Reiki, yoga, poetry, or other avenues that are appropriate.

I equally think that listening is the best encouragement combined with action and active support.

racquel 2

*Racquel TW is a Native American and Latinx American poet, Reiki Master, and activist.  Her first poetry book on nature is coming out this 2018.  However, she is currently best known as a healer and Reiki Master, holding workshops to certify plus teach others the art of Reiki through one on one and group sessions, and her podcast Reiki With Racquel on SoundCloud.  Writing poetry and practicing Reiki for the past 20 years has allowed her the breadth of experience to give back in the capacities that she now does.

She is also a business and spiritual advisor with a passion for wellness, humanity, art, and family.  She enjoys reading books, dancing, practicing and teaching yoga, learning, and being outdoors as well as connecting via social media.  Living in Los Angeles, California with her family and two dogs, Bettie & Ringo, she enjoys exploring the richness of her town and whichever wonderful corner of the earth she finds her two feet.  

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