I AM… Jodi

Jodi might be the happiest person I know. I don’t mean happy in that over-the-top way that makes you question a person’s sanity. I mean that she is a genuinely happy human who makes you feel like you are blessing her with your presence (even though it’s seriously the other way around). I first met Jodi when I wandered into a workout studio with no knowledge of the workout or the studio. The members were (justifiably) a little wary of me, and although they made eye contact, no one really engaged me. Enter Jodi.

“Hi! I’m Jodi! Welcome!” I thought she worked for the studio or something. Nope. That’s just how she is. By the end my hour there, we’d exchanged Instagram information, and so it went. Jodi is always happy to see me, no matter what. She always has a smile and a kind word. Over time, I noticed that she never forgot someone’s birthday, never forgot to engage someone and let them know that they matter. In what seems like an effortless daily practice, Jodi uses her voice and her energy to uplift and empower others.

I soon learned that Jodi has MS. She manages the condition, despite several daunting physical limitations (which you’d never know unless she shared details), by eating well and working out. She said to me “I have MS, but MS doesn’t have me.” You know it’s true simply by observing her. She manages her self care routine by luxuriating in baths, working out, and getting enough sleep. Because her profession includes caring for others, she makes a point of caring for herself that she might present he best self to everyone around her (I’m certainly a witness to that). Jodi believes in living by example. She treats you as she wants to be treated, and she finds solace in the smallest things… like meditating and breathing in her car for five minutes before taking on the next challenge.

 Jodi tells me that her secret to staying grounded is granting herself the time to sit still and be quiet. You’d never know it by meeting her. I swear this woman is a ball of smiles and effervescent energy. She wakes up early to give herself time to meditate, journal, and sit with herself before taking on the day. She reminds herself to live in what is, and be grateful for that. Then she shares that mantra with others.
“I keep it simple and basically think of what I can do each day to make someone’s life easier. Some days that’s a gift of massage or bath salts… or I’ll run an errand for them so that they know they are appreciated.”
*Jodi lends her voice and energy to Mayte’s Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing neglected animals and finding them a forever home.

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