I AM… Ready

Plans. We all have them. Some of use talk about them. Some of us realize them through action. Some of us are forced into action by some external force that leaves us little to no choice in the matter. And some of us sit… and wait… and wait… and wait for just the right time.


There is no such thing as the right time. The time is what it is. It is a gift, and it is yours to determine how you use it. We’d all love conditions to be ideal for any plan. We’d love to be in a specific place physically or financially or emotionally… but it’s a rare moment when the planets align and all goes according to… well… plan. When you are ready to take the step, it won’t matter what is or is not happening in your specific life. Nothing will be able to keep you from dipping your baby toe into the great beyond, simply because you are ready.

How does one get ready?

First, by being. Just here. Just now. When we move from the place we’re in (versus the place we’d like to be), we are more likely to just do it. This is the reality. This is the circumstance. And in spite of said reality, said circumstance, we step out anyway.

Second, by breathing. Yes, really. Breathe. It’s common to hold one’s breath (physically and energetically) when leaping into the unknown. But breath is the thing that will help you see your way through the murky reality of uncharted territory. Breath is the thing that will slow you down enough to take stock, resist the urge to backpedal, and determine the next step.

Third, by being open. Nothing will likely go according to plan, so just get that little hangup out of the way. When we remain open to this reality, not only to we prepare ourselves for the inevitable setback and/or pivot, we open ourselves up to new avenues and possibilities that we might not have initially considered.

Here you are…




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