Here’s the reality for many people: they know WHAT they want. They don’t know HOW to get what they want. Even without the loftier wishes, hopes and dreams of the most ambitious of imaginations… getting started is often the hardest part. The naive will say ‘just start.’ Okay. Just start WHAT? The crafty will say ‘I can tell/show you how to start for the cost of…’ And plenty of people will opt in, because history has proven ad nauseum that there is no greater relief than to drop the burden of responsibility to oneself. The wise will tell you to show up. Even if you don’t have a plan, the answers, or the means… show up and be open to possibility.

start 1

Finding out what you want in all of its glorious potential is often found in the practice in being open. We all have the potential to lift a corner of the imagination curtain and peek at what could be. What happens when you embrace that little corner? What you learn from exploring those first steps might help you pull the curtain back a little further… reveal a little more. What you also learn, even if through a series of missteps, is the how. It’s often as we come up against miscalculations and other such setbacks, that a real plan starts to formulate. You learn the practical value of what you’re offering based on real time response. Any one of us can toss out a number in perceived value, but it’s through response (demand) that you learn whether you’ve over- or underestimated that value.

start 2

Anyone who ever owned a business, spearheaded a project, produced a segment, or walked with purpose into the unknown can share plenty of stories about setbacks. You can have all of your ducks in a row, your paperwork filed, your pitch primed to perfection… and suddenly the wind blows north and everything is undone. Welcome to life. Managing setbacks, managing disappointments, and finding the workaround is part of realizing your dreams. The more we see the pivot as part of the process, the less likely we are to throw a tantrum about the unfairness of our present situation. The race is long. And in the end, it’s only against yourself.

What do you want?

Ready to start?


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