The Currency of Time

One of the most precious commodities afforded to us is time. It is also one of the most wasted. When we’re young, time tends to drags and seems an endless chasm with which to fill with everything we can possibly imagine. As we get older, our perspective tends to shift in the opposite direction… with never enough minutes to do what is needed.

Somewhere in the middle of those extreme opposites- if we’re lucky -we manage to shift the narrative from wasting time to investing in it. Suddenly, instead of tricking off hours and whining about nothing to do, we start to visualize exactly what to do with the time we’ve been given. And the sooner we develop that habit, the more likely we are to carry it into our later years. Striking the balance between the illusion of too much time and too little (because we are all afforded the same 24 hours) helps raise our productivity level for the task at hand. It doesn’t actually matter what that task is (that’s for you to judge), investing time versus spending it can make the difference between doing something well and doing something exceptionally well.

time pieceThe key to investing your time goes back to the fundamental question: WHAT DO YOU WANT? The more honest you are about that answer, the more layers you peel to get to the heart of that answer, the easier it is to see to the how of things to guide your decisions. Like anything, the more narrow the focus, the easier to paint the pathway. If you want something broad like legacy, you’re in for a long haul of determining the pathway to such. That’s not to say such a thing isn’t possible, but it might serve you to determine the size and scope of that legacy with something more specific. Legacies are simply things by which we are remembered (see: ego). History is rife with those whose legacies are less than positive.


There is no goal too great or too small. From the quest for inner peace to the thirst to conquer every physical obstacle currently known to man… the key lies with you. So breathe. Be honest with yourself about what you want, and how much time and energy you’re willing to invest to get it. Time is currency. The wiser you use it, the more likely you are to reach what it is you seek.

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