Self… Time… Expectations…


Management is part of identifying the how of things. Management is not consecutive or linear, and often requires that we be open to the actual fluid nature of existence. The more we are open to the idea of management, the better we are able to manage. Once you’ve identified the ‘what’ (that you want), the how comes by first acknowleging and addressing the what.

time management

Consider a tangible want (to start a new business, foster healthy relationships, take better care of oneself). Then dedicate tangible time to it. Part of that dedication first comes from the acknowledgment (versus suggestion) of the thing that you want. If it’s to start a new business: identify the type of business and dedicate a set amount of time every day to learning more about starting and developing it. That can come in the form of education, research or even surfing the internet for solutions. The point is, the time is set and non-negotiable. Dedicating a time slot to your endeavor gives it priority, importance, and makes you accountable. The more you are accountable for the time you spend doing what you’ve chosen, the more likely you are to develop healthy habits regarding that time and energy.

Managing your Self absolutely demands accountability. The more you ‘own’ your intentions, thoughts and actions… the less likely you are to become the proverbial hard luck case… with life always happening to you instead of the other way around. Our choices and our chances work hand in hand. What you choose when there is no opportunity is just as important as what you choose when there is. Choice is power. You can own it, or waste it.

time management 1

Managing your Time first asks that you assess the moments you have, and what you do within 24 hours of any given day. How you choose to invest your time speaks volumes about how you prioritize your life. If your priorities don’t match your intentions, dreams, and ambitions, take a clear look at the time you have and how you choose to spend it. Even with the obligations of work or family, the time beyond immediate necessity is part of choice. The less we see time as fleeting and negotiable, the more likely we are to manage to maximize each moment.

Managing your Expectations comes with understanding a basic truth: aside from aging, life is not linear. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. Learning to ride the wave of one moment to the next, helps to manage your expectations about what ‘should’ be. Once you acknowledge what actually is, you can choose to grow from that place.


You have Choice. You have Power. What you choose to do with it… how you choose to manage the manageable… is up to you.

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