The Conscious Art of Growth

So here you are, turning your Obstacles into Options and trying to rise to your highest best self. Here you are, breathing and making space and expanding into new avenues as you find your way to growth. And in your excitement, you spill your happiness and thoughts and ideas into the space of others…

And they stop you in your tracks.

It’s easy to see others as a hindrance to your growth. You get excited about an idea to do a new thing a new way, and the person you share it with shuts you down. This is common in a stereotypical corporate space, where a lesser employee presents ideas to a superior only to be discarded. Sometimes that action comes from the latter person being disinterested in anything other than the status quo. Sometimes it comes from that person knowing more than you, and trying to keep you from making a foreseeable misstep. The latter is much harder to grasp, because it calls your very intention to question. This may conjure deep feelings of discomfort and insecurity, and cause you to halt your growth.

Bringing consciousness to growth is to bring integrity to it. Growth is not always a positive thing. Consider cancer: its goal is to spread as far and as fast as possible, to the detriment and potential death of its host. We consider cancer malignant and do our best to eradicate it by any means necessary. So as you seek growth, it’s not a waste to consider the kind of growth you seek.

growth 1


Assessing the space in which you chose to grow goes a long way to bring consciousness and harmony to your efforts. Whether that space is in business (the company you work for or run), in your home (your actual physical space), in relationships (the human you wish to grow with), or in yourself (your actual physical body), the more you see the space as it is – the more likely you are to harmoniously grow from that reality. Understanding the space brings integrity to the intention. The process is uncomfortable and potentially painful, but we’re all clear that no real growth ever came from comfort and ease.


What do you wish to achieve with this growth? Is it to be wealthy? Famous? Powerful? Strong? To prove someone wrong? To heal? Know that none of these answers are wrong.  How you answer depends on the trajectory and potential longevity of your growth pattern. Being honest about your goal breeds consciousness of thought and action. That consciousness enhances your awareness about your space, and may lead you to choose the way you grow. Maybe you go faster. Maybe slower. Maybe you completely change course, and decide to grow in a whole new direction.


The key to understanding the harmonious nature of existence starts with you. The more you face yourself honesty and completely (and make choices based on what you notice) the more likely you are to seek harmony beyond the borders of your skin. Knowing yourself gives you insight to learn your space, and determine whether that space is helpful to your intended growth. Knowing yourself gives real shape and scope to your intention, and helps you understand if you are growing for your right reasons. Like everything else, getting to know yourself can take time, sacrifice and a willingness to deal with deep discomfort. There is no magic pill (if there was, we’d have all taken it by now). There is just you. This moment. This breath. Let those realities give you the courage to be honest, to be conscious, and to grow in whatever direction best suits you.



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