Miso, Maifun, Leeks & Nori

Here’s a quick and easy Asian-fusion recipe that will warm you from the inside out! We used pre-made ingredients to keep things simple, bu the result is just as good as completely homemade.

1 box of Brown Rice Maifun Noodles

2 boxes of Miso Soup

2 Leeks

3 sheets of unsalted roasted Seaweed

1 tbsp (chili) Sesame Oil

Roast leeks for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Warm sesame oil in soup pot, add leeks and stir just to cover in oil. Add Miso Soup and reduce heat until mix comes to a low boil. Add Maifun Noodles and stir constantly until fully cooked (several minutes). Crumble seaweed into soup and stir until soft (30 seconds). Ladle into bowl and enjoy!

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