Serryn Tracey’s Mean Chili

Personal Trainer Serryn Tracey isn’t one to hold back when it comes to much of anything. That’s true for both fitness and for food. Anyone who trains with her can attest to her philosophy of just diving in and going for it. Anyone who eats with her know’s she’s not a three-leaf salad and lemon water type… she’s all about eating and enjoying every bite!

“Chili is one of my favorite dishes. It’s hearty and filling and full of so many textures and flavors that stand out on their own, but still work together to produce an amazing taste.”

1/2 pound Organic/free range ground turkey (VEGAN SUB: Beyond Meat Crumbles or firm Tofu) 1 Green and 1 red pepper  
One small brown onion
5 Roma tomatoes
2 cloves crushed garlic
Small handful fresh oregano chopped
Splash coconut oil (for browning turkey)
1 small jar organic/fresh tomato pasta sauce (no sodium)

Lightly brown turkey in a pan with coconut oil and when brown, turn heat to low

Chop veggies and herbs and set aside

Add pasta sauce to turkey and gently stir in

Turn heat up to medium and add veggies and herbs and let simmer for 10 minutes

Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste!

Add a table spoon of natural Greek yogurt (vegan option: coconut yogurt) on top (0 sugar) for a creamy treat!

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