No Meat Holiday: My Independence Day Story

July 4th.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, where is the FOOD, especially the MEATS

July 4th was my day to let my inner carnivore freak on some meats, all the meats! Hot Links, brats, chorizo, beef ribs, pork ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, pork chops…yes, please. And, yes, I will be taking a minimum of two to-go plates and when I get home, the next day, I’m cooking my personal stash of meats, JUST FOR ME!

I would feel so damn good eating that meat, y’all. You just don’t understand.

Each bite of meat was like a tiny orgasm in my mouth washed down with a ton of Diet Coke (75 pounds of meat? No worries, I’ll just balance that out with a Diet Coke, son!) I learned how to grill just so I could hover over that meat while it was cooking, to smell it. I experimented, like a mad scientist, to discover new meat tastes! My constant, low key chase of the high I got from my eating lifestyle kicked up to another level during the holidays, in general, but it was something else on the 4th.

If Thanksgiving was a 7, the 4th was 17, okay? The 4th was my Food Super Bowl, it was so good, so good.

Then reality would kick in.

For someone, anyone who struggle with food addiction, holidays like the 4th Of July are the best of times and the worst of times but, I felt that it was worth it! Well, I had convinced myself that it was. I can’t speak, won’t speak for anyone else but, for me, looking back, Dear God In Heaven, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I would have the “meat sweats” (that’s not just a joke, Meat Sweats, is an urban dictionary term but there is scientific theories that says it’s a thing) for up to two weeks after the 4th. I felt like I would sweat grease, literally. My sweat, after eating meat, reeked and it felt slimy…eww! My spit was thick as gravy (nothing that a 2 Liter of ice cold Diet Coke wouldn’t get rid of!). I knew the “meat bloat” was coming, knew it was going to be rough (that stuff is coming out of you, eventually and it’s going to be nasty, kids) but I DGAF! It felt so good going in the pain was worth the high!

I was in denial and I was killing myself, slowly but surely, I drowning my inner pain in cooked dead animal remains smothered in Honey BBQ.

This past Independence Day was the first one, that I can recall, in which I didn’t “pig out” on everything I could get my hands on, especially meat. I didn’t have nary a craving and I am feeling better than I have in a very long time.

Now that I’m living the #Nourish Lifestyle, I know what feeling good really is. I don’t need medications on #Nourish. I have food options I had never thought of before that doesn’t have side effects that would have me feeling like I was batter-dipped and deep-fried for weeks afterwards.

Back in the day, I used to call myself a “night person” because I didn’t want to sleep. Lies. The truth was my horrible diet made sleep infrequent and fitful. I didn’t know what a good night sleep was pre-Nourish, now, I feel so rested, some days I wake up and my first thought is “Wow” something that I never felt like when I would wake up on days after the 4th. Those days, I felt like I’d been punched all night long and was so sluggish, those morning’s after, to be honest, sucked.

I’m living a vegetarian lifestyle now and one of the main reasons is because of #Nourish. The program isn’t about becoming vegan/vegetarian, it is, from what I understand, like a internal readjustment, a wake-up call. For me, it became much more, the program was a spiritual awakening. I had tried different programs, over the years, and they all felt like a chore that would become drudgery that would, eventually, be dismissed, not #Nourish. #Nourish is only a 21-day program that’s step one of a series. I was just going to do the 21 days and that was it. But, at day 21, I felt GOOD ALL OVER and I didn’t want to stop.

That was October 2018 and I’ve felt so good since then that I haven’t had the slightest temptation to revert back to my old, knowingly gross ways, not even my “Food Super Bowl” July 4th Meat Spectacular, because I thought that made me feel good, #Nourish has shown me what feeling good really is.

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