Nourished from the Root

From smoothies to savory dishes, Ginger Root is one of the most amazing ingredients you can add. Ginger boasts a long list of health claims… some proven, some anecdotal. But there’s no denying that this gnarly spicy root can help lay the foundation for true health and wellness.

Ginger is excellent as a spice, or alone as a tea. It’s a delicious addition to a smoothie (a little for flavor, a lot for a spicy kick). We even love to blend the ginger whole for the added fiber benefit.

One of our favorite recipes is Ginger Soda. Its 5 ingredients and super easy to make!

-Juice of a 1-3 inch plug of Ginger Root

-Juice of 1 Lemon

-1/4 cup of 100% Maple Syrup

-16oz Sparkling Water


Stir ginger, lemon and Maple Syrup together until syrup is dissolved. Add sparkling water. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

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