It has been days since the event and we are still beat! The HABIBI SPORT x NIKE event was a culmination of a lot of emails, texts, sweat, cussing (lots of cussing) and a few tears… but it was worth every second! We gained partnerships, we lost partnerships, we got unexpected deliveries and cancelled deliveries that would have never made it on time…


Yep. RAIN! We were coming off of a massive heatwave and things were starting to cool down. That’s great, right? Cooler temperatures mean a potentially more pleasant outdoor event. But when the clouds gathered and water started coming out of the sky, it was a whole new ball game.

We drove to the venue, set up, and figured that even if no one showed up we could have our own party. But then something happened…

People started showing up! Like… REALLY showing up. In fact, Nike told us that some people heard me yelling and singing on the rooftop, entered the store and asked if they could join (they were already in workout gear) and came into the class! We started with 80 people… planned for 40… and then after the rain came down… maybe 15. We ended up with 60!

Everyone had a blast! We got video and social media posts from the back of the class (one guy said he’d never heard so many people say WTF in a single class… we’ll take that as a compliment. lol), special shout outs and uploads. So it’s fair to conclude that everyone had a great time!

Special thanks to Health-Ade Kombucha for coming through on the Bubbly Rose! It’s one of our favorite flavors. To be honest, as Kombucha snobs, this is hands down our favorite brand. In addition to making a stellar product, the customer care simply can’t be beat. We are overjoyed and humbled that they agreed to help us with this event.

And thanks so much to 1907 Water for an unexpected last-minute save! We were really hoping to hydrate the students on the day of… and all of our previous contacts were going to be too late for delivery. Out of the blue, here comes 1907 to save the day! Thank you so much. We truly appreciate your help.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Nike tells us that students came down from the rooftop to talk about the class and shop… an indication that the event was a success!

Thank you to EVERYONE who showed up and showed out! Thank you for flipping off the rain, roaring back at the thunder and getting it in with us! We appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you’ll continue to be part of our budding community!

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