Nicole’s Favorite Pumpkin Curry

Nicole participated in our NOURISH Autumn Community Cleanse and made a Pumpkin Curry so delicious that it made her do a happy dance and shout us out on social media! She’s been lovely enough to share it with us… so we all can enjoy it as well!

Roasted Pumpkin
Cooked Split Peas
Sweet Onion
1 Roma Tomato
1 can Coconut Milk
Veggie Broth
1 TSP Turmeric Powder
1 TSP Curry Powder
2 TSP Liquid Aminos or Tamari
1 TSP Maple Syrup
Salt & Pepper to taste
Grapeseed oil

De-seed and peel pumpkin, then chop into 1 inch pieces. Roast pumpkin in oven for 30 min.

In large pot, chop sweet onion and sauté in grapeseed oil until translucent, salt to taste.

Add in ginger, split peas, tomato, Tumeric, Curry Powder, Maple syrup and Liquid Aminos to merge flavors (about 5 minutes stirring). I adjusted to my taste buds and added more turmeric!

Add canned coconut milk, 1 cup veggie broth, 1 cup water and let simmer. Once pumpkin is roasted to your fancy, add to soup and you’re done!

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