HABIBI x ATHLETA: Trust the Feeling

Still high off the Nike event, our Community Coordinator informed me that we’d secured a spot to teach class at Athleta. She’d already identified the logistics for the space, and asked that I drive by and see what we were working with. So between classes and clients, I headed to the venue to take a look…

…and immediately changed my mind.

Our plan was to bring Habibi Body to the space. But as soon as I walked in I decided it was a bad idea. Athleta is serene, inviting, beautiful. It immediately evokes a feeling of centered emotion and grounded thoughts. From the thoughtful layout of the store to the consistent messages of sustainability and care, the entire experience is designed to leave you feeling better about everything than when you stepped through their doors. And although they’ve held strong, loud classes (like Habibi Body) in the space in the past, it’s not something that I wanted to do.

So we’re doing something different.

I’ve been developing Habibi Balance for a while now… coupling intuitive compression & release for both muscles and joints. The idea is to spark total body rehabilitation, and address common complaints to get the healing process started.

It’s a good lesson for me on the best laid plans, and the power of the pivot. So we’re going in a new direction for this one, and I’m so excited to expand the technique and help new bodies!

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