November Musings

November is a pretty big deal for me. For one, it’s my birthday month so it always feels like the most happens during this month. While everyone is waking up and renewing in spring, it’s in this month that I find the biggest opportunities to take stock and choose where to grow next. Habibi Bath & Body product releases typically see a resurgence during this month (likely because I subconsciously scheduled them all during this time), and I am seemingly always in the process of shedding decayed acquaintances and forging new, stronger alliances.

This year is no different. With the current trajectory of Habibi Body Sport, we’ve poured lot of energy into building community. For me, that has meant saying yes way more often than I’m typically comfortable, and learning to let go and invite the rest of the team do their parts beautifully and efficiently. In the spirit of this month, it’s definitely a space in which to grow – albeit sometimes uncomfortably – into a new and better version of what was.

We just wrapped the special edition of HOT POWER FUSION (featuring Nine Inch Nails) at Sweatheory, and we’re putting the final touches on the ATHLETA Breathe & Balance event tomorrow (Saturday, November 2nd). There we’ll debut our new support blocks to get a real-world feel for how they perform (see what I mean about new product releases at this time of year?). Then we take a moment to breathe and take stock before SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS (also at Sweatheory) on December 11th. There may or may not be another event before the close of 2019 (like I said, I’m learning to say yes more often than not), and then we’re off to the races with a new COMMUNITY CLEANSE (January 1, 2020), before we deep dive into METAMORPHOSIS (January 21, 2020).

It’s a lot. So in the spirit of always practicing what I preach, I’m breathing. I hope you are too.


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