The ATHLETA event was a reminder that a yoga practice is just that… PRACTICE for what life feels like throwing you at any given moment in time. This rather meticulously planned event was nearly undone by a series of miscommunications and a shift in the weather (yes… it’s always the weather’s fault in LA when things go from 90 degrees to 60. We don’t do well when the temperature drops around these parts, dammit).

But here’s the undeniable truth about planning live events: they’re kind of like sausage. If you enjoy it, then you probably shouldn’t know how it’s made. It often doesn’t matter how much you plan a party, something is bound to go wrong. Life happens, and so we roll with it.

Even with a few minor setbacks (why did the speaker decide that it was going to work when it damn well pleased? It just kept beeping on and off and on and off… damn technology), there was nothing by smiles and genuine gratitude from everyone involved. And that’s the reality about the practice and the practical application of such: life happens, things suck, and sometimes nothing goes according to plan. In the end, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the things that happen outside of the borders of your skin. All you can control is your reaction to such.

So we breathe.

And wow did we breathe! This fantastic group of students really allowed the experience to wash over them, even closing their eyes for most of the practice. I cannot tell you what a compliment that is to me as a guide; it means that there is truly trust in the sound of my voice and the words that I choose. I was overjoyed at the observation, and grateful for the shared experience.

They got to play with our new Support Blocks, and offered the best feedback (which we are always open to). After the class, we gifted each participant with a fragrant selection from Revolution Tea, a box of Power Soak, and a few balancing recipes from the Habibi Sport vault. Thank you ever so much to 1907 once again for keeping us hydrated all along the way.

I am ever humbled by anyone who chooses to trade energy with me or share an experience – good or bad – simply for the purpose of sharing that experience.


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