Halloween HPF: A Recap

While most of the world was dressing up as the latest ghoul du jour or gorging on processed sugar, we offered an alternative: a Hot Power Fusion class in infrared heat, for the ultimate expression in joint compression and release.

We set the event at Sweatheory, a local urban day spa that features the coolest yoga studio you’ve ever seen. It looks like a giant sauna, complete with a Himalayan salt wall that changes color on command, and chakra lights in the ceiling to balance you from the inside out. It was the perfect place to introduce a practice that’s not so new, to students who have never heard of it before.

Hot Power Fusion combines the star poses of Bikram Yoga, with some of the most common and accessible poses of Hatha. The physical intention is to move the the body through a series of compression and release poses, to rehab the major joints and offer deep stretches in the major muscle groups. Doing the practice in infrared heat is the one hell of a way to up-level your practice.

With almost no lead time (full disclosure: this was a bit of a last minute decision) and an unpopular time slot, we opened the class to 10 bodies and hoped for the best. We ended up with 7, so we’re calling that a win. The best part is, all but 2 of the students had never done the practice so it was a completely new experience for them! Now they want to do it again. Yes, LET’S!

After the class, we handed out swag (attendees at our events are learning quickly that we don’t play about swag), including a deluxe sample size of our Power Detox, a selection of teas, and a complimentary sauna session at Sweatheory. All in all, we’re pretty jazzed about how things went down.

If they’ll have us back, we’ll do it again soon!

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