We wrapped our final event of the season and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out! SURVIVING THE SEASON was an opportunity for guests to unplug for a couple of hours and let go of some of the anxiety that’s typical this time of year.

We set our event at Sweatheory, an urban day spa in the heart of Hollywood. Known for its infrared classes and private saunas, we thought it was the perfect place to help guest shake off the holiday stress and take the time to learn about true self care.

We covered topics that ran the gamut… from learning how to truly take time for yourself without compromising an already packed schedule, to disconnecting from the people and things that take more than you can afford. It turns out, the crowd favorite was our ‘wellness hacks’ — from ginger shots to tricks to raise or lower your energy at any given time of day — we shared the best way to make the most of your wellness without spending top dollar or tons of time.

After the event, we introduced guests to Sol-ti, which makes some of the tastiest wellness shots from the most effective immune and energy boosting ingredients. They also received a bag of goodies with gifts from Sweatheory, Habibi (including a special edition Essential Oil), Revolution Tea and Habibi Body Sport.

All in all, a good time was had by all! Special thanks to our brave guests who dove right in to share their stories, and to ask challenging questions like HOW to dump a toxic person or habit, how to truly say NO and mean it, and HOW to make time when there simply doesn’t seem to be any available. The event was specifically designed to encourage everyone to share, to learn to and hopefully leave with a little more (in the most positive sense) than when they came in.

Thus concludes the 2019 series of events! Our next event is the Community Cleanse which starts (appropriately) on January 1st!

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