Community Cleanse: 2020

New Decade… who dis?

With just days to go before the end of 2019, millions of people are in a full blown panic about making plans and resolutions and promises to do better this time. Evidence of said panic is spread across social media, with some people getting the jump on things by starting now, to others making frantic promises that this time… THIS TIME… it’ll be different.

JANUARY 1, 2020:

Our Community is gearing up for the next NOURISH cleanse. What we know for sure is that sustainable success is much more likely when you’re not alone. We spent the last year proving this point with group events and Community Cleanses based on the changing season. This time, because of the pressure so many feel to keep their promises to themselves, we’re focusing on getting past the fear of failure and supporting each other every step of the way.


It’s so important to remember that whatever you’re going through in this moment, there is someone who can empathize with you. Our online and offline community continues to grow in new and diverse ways… and each time someone opens up to share their experiences, the community rallies around them in support.

Even if you don’t join us this time around, consider a supportive community to help you keep your promises for a healthier happier you.

You got this.

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