CHOOSE TO CHANGE: The Experience

We are brimming with excitement about our first major event of the 2020: CHOOSE TO CHANGE (A Wellness Journey). We reject the notion that life happens to you; we believe that life happens, and it’s you who chooses how to respond. So many people say (and truly believe) that they don’t have a choice, and willingly surrender their power to people, places and things outside of the borders of their skin.

We believe that change, true change, happens from the inside out. So we’re hosting a special experience to drive that point home. We asked Yogi and Sound Therapist Ashby Drake to lead us in a healing sound-bath, and she said yes! Guests will be treated to special heart-opening experience, to give them the courage to set their intentions and harness the courage to truly change on their terms.

And because we don’t play about swag, we’ve got a ton of treats lined up! Guests will enjoy gifts from Peacock Mala, Revolution Tea, Habibi Bath & Body, Habibi Body Sport, and Flores Lane. We also have a raffle for a full length Mala, a Heart Chakra Candle, and a DreamBook Bundle from The DragonTree!

It all gets underway this Sunday at 6pm.

You can find more details HERE.

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