Dear 2020…

It’s been quite an experience. We entered the year full of hope and promise, with detailed plans to make this the best year ever

But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

In January, we leapt into the new year full of hope and possibility, with sound baths and black-light themed fitness parties and Community Cleanses to bring the world together… one breath at a time. On March 15th, at precisely 8:15pm as we wrapped our latest fitness party, everything changed. A city-wide alert was issued for the city of Los Angeles, in compliance with state laws, that we were officially under quarantine. Businesses closed, fitness centers shut down, and so many people were left wondering what to do next.

In the fitness world, the obvious happened: everyone went online. Fitness instructors came out of the shadows in droves to offer classes in every conceivable category – some for a price- most for free. The thirst for connection grew as increasing numbers of humans turned on their phones and shared whatever… whenever. Some of it was good. Some of it was not so good. All of it pointed to the very real need to connect with anyone who was willing to see and listen from any given corner of the globe.

Summer descended with Murder Hornets and polarizing opinions on just how dangerous this new bug (not the hornets) was, and demands about when we might get back to normal. It took a while, but eventually many of us began to sit with the reality that there was no going back: we were here and it would be our choice to step from the present space into an uncertain future.

Autumn approaches. The western half of the United States is (literally) on fire, and if you thought it was hard to breathe behind a mask, try filtering ash and smoke before it hits your lungs. The sun is red, the sky is grey, and perhaps… with grace… the tide of emotion will shift. We may be less likely to look to the powers that be to save us… and instead reflect on the real power that each of us holds to look after ourselves and each other. As we move into the final quarter of this year, perhaps we embrace the idea of talking to each other instead of at each other. We are all here. Now. In this. Together.

Where will you be when 2020 comes to a close? If you need us, we will be here. The choice is yours.

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