FROM THE MAT: Stories of Self Care, Encouragement and Hope

We want to wrap up this year on a hopeful note. 2020 dealt a crushing blow to so many people, and more than ever it’s important to remind ourselves that we are not alone. The FROM THE MAT campaign was sparked with the intention to share a little light with each other, in the hopes that we might all feel better and stronger about whatever is happening in our lives.

We’ve asked each participant to share an image of themselves in their favorite yoga or exercise pose, and asked them two questions:

Why is this your favorite pose or exercise?

Why do you show up for yourself?

There were no other guidelines beyond those two questions. What followed was a diverse collection of submissions that ranged from flowery and eloquent to short and to the point. We are so grateful to each and every person who chose to join us in this hopeful endeavor. In the coming weeks, we will share each participant’s picture and story on this platform, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s our hope that as we post each submission, you will feel uplifted, encouraged and and better able to face whatever the coming days bring your way.

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