Self Care by Night

Most people think of the self-care cycle as one that begins in the morning, but we believe that the best mornings begin the night before. Investing time and energy into a self-care ritual before bed is an effective way to lay the foundation for a productive morning.

Before bed: take your time. It’s easy to just fall face first into the bed and declare the day done. Instead, light a candle while you get ready for bed. Take the time to plot out the next day… and maybe have a hot cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea while you’re doing it. You may not always have time for an indulgent Instagram-worthy soak, but you can make a ritual out of the nightly habit of washing your face and brushing your teeth. Take the time to enjoy your skin care routine… maybe even indulge in a light facial massage:

Make your sleep space neat and attractive. Carve out a few minutes for meditation, or even some light reading (as long as the subject matter is thoughtful and relaxing). Set up your night so that when you fall asleep it’s in a state of peace versus defeat (exhaustion).

The secret to self-care is in the little details; the spaces that we take for granted between one task and the next. Eventually, self-care becomes second nature versus a rare event. Before you know it, those few minutes that you’ve set aside for your health and well-being add up to better stress management, a sunnier outlook, and an opportunity to find the joy in every moment.

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