It’s about that time again! The month of October reminds us that it’s time to start thinking about what the rest of the year is going to look like. Forget Halloween, many stores have even bypassed Thanksgiving and have headed straight to Christmas! Decorations are on sale, kitschy service items that you’ll likely only use once are already gracing the windows, shelves, and online home-page … Continue reading Ready, Set, HOLIDAY STRESS!

HABIBI x ATHLETA: Trust the Feeling

Still high off the Nike event, our Community Coordinator informed me that we’d secured a spot to teach class at Athleta. She’d already identified the logistics for the space, and asked that I drive by and see what we were working with. So between classes and clients, I headed to the venue to take a look… …and immediately changed my mind. Our plan was to … Continue reading HABIBI x ATHLETA: Trust the Feeling

Nicole’s Favorite Pumpkin Curry

Nicole participated in our NOURISH Autumn Community Cleanse and made a Pumpkin Curry so delicious that it made her do a happy dance and shout us out on social media! She’s been lovely enough to share it with us… so we all can enjoy it as well! INGREDIENTS: Roasted Pumpkin Cooked Split Peas Sweet Onion1 Roma Tomato Ginger 1 can Coconut Milk Veggie Broth 1 … Continue reading Nicole’s Favorite Pumpkin Curry


It has been days since the event and we are still beat! The HABIBI SPORT x NIKE event was a culmination of a lot of emails, texts, sweat, cussing (lots of cussing) and a few tears… but it was worth every second! We gained partnerships, we lost partnerships, we got unexpected deliveries and cancelled deliveries that would have never made it on time… AND THEN … Continue reading HABIBI SPORT x NIKE: A Recap

Lisa Loves: Almond & Chia Seed Energy Balls

One of the latest participants in our NOURISH program has been kind enough to share a quick and delicious favorite! Lisa found a recipe for Almond & Chia Seed Energy Balls, and she swears by it! “They take 5-10 min to make and keep for a long time. Keep in fridge or freezer and pull them out when you need more. So easy.” You’ll need: … Continue reading Lisa Loves: Almond & Chia Seed Energy Balls


Since we started officially encouraging people to eat real food and move their bodies, our community has grown in leaps and bounds! Now, Nike has invited us to come and play on the rooftop of their Melrose location, and we are over the moon at this new opportunity! We posted the event on our Facebook and Instagram, and hit capacity within 48 HOURS! We are … Continue reading NIKE x HABIBI BODY SPORT

Ashby says: NOURISH your LIFE

This is Ashby. Ashby has done the NOURISH program twice, and is gearing up to do it again. She can often be found (between modeling, teaching yoga and playing DJ to the frenetic masses) waxing poetic about how the simple act of learning to feed herself changed her life. She’ll also insist that she’s not being paid as a spokesperson (she’s not), but this shining … Continue reading Ashby says: NOURISH your LIFE