Since we started officially encouraging people to eat real food and move their bodies, our community has grown in leaps and bounds! Now, Nike has invited us to come and play on the rooftop of their Melrose location, and we are over the moon at this new opportunity! We posted the event on our Facebook and Instagram, and hit capacity within 48 HOURS! We are … Continue reading NIKE x HABIBI BODY SPORT

Post BBQ Blues…

So you’ve eaten and drank all the things, and are currently questioning your life choices. What’s particularly rough about this year’s Independence Day holiday is that it fell on a Thursday. So maybe you’ve got leftovers today and you’re thinking ‘Well these can’t go to waste, so I might as well eat them up.’ And then the weekend rolls around, and doesn’t everyone cheat on … Continue reading Post BBQ Blues…

A Big Journey To A New Lifestyle: No More Self Hate

The day before Thanksgiving, for the first time in almost 20 years, I weighed under 350 lbs. This is usually where I would crack a joke about how big I am but I won’t. Over what I have deemed “the worst summer ever” (more about that some other time, maybe) I watched a Netflix stand up comedy special, “Hannah Gadsby: Nanette”.  I was struck by something that … Continue reading A Big Journey To A New Lifestyle: No More Self Hate


Inhale… Here’s the reality for many people: they know WHAT they want. They don’t know HOW to get what they want. Even without the loftier wishes, hopes and dreams of the most ambitious of imaginations… getting started is often the hardest part. The naive will say ‘just start.’ Okay. Just start WHAT? The crafty will say ‘I can tell/show you how to start for the … Continue reading START

LOVE: Live Strong & Flourish

I use to cringe anytime I heard the words “self-care.” I thought it was merely an attempt to justify lazy or self-indulgent behavior. Of course, that was when I was much less aware of what my body actually requires to function at its optimum levels. I have since come to understand, through life experience and the study of wellness, that “self-care” is absolutely essential to … Continue reading LOVE: Live Strong & Flourish