It’s about that time again! The month of October reminds us that it’s time to start thinking about what the rest of the year is going to look like. Forget Halloween, many stores have even bypassed Thanksgiving and have headed straight to Christmas! Decorations are on sale, kitschy service items that you’ll likely only use once are already gracing the windows, shelves, and online home-page … Continue reading Ready, Set, HOLIDAY STRESS!

HABIBI x ATHLETA: Trust the Feeling

Still high off the Nike event, our Community Coordinator informed me that we’d secured a spot to teach class at Athleta. She’d already identified the logistics for the space, and asked that I drive by and see what we were working with. So between classes and clients, I headed to the venue to take a look… …and immediately changed my mind. Our plan was to … Continue reading HABIBI x ATHLETA: Trust the Feeling


It has been days since the event and we are still beat! The HABIBI SPORT x NIKE event was a culmination of a lot of emails, texts, sweat, cussing (lots of cussing) and a few tears… but it was worth every second! We gained partnerships, we lost partnerships, we got unexpected deliveries and cancelled deliveries that would have never made it on time… AND THEN … Continue reading HABIBI SPORT x NIKE: A Recap