JoAnna Stephens: LOVE over FEAR

My name is JoAnna Stephens. I am a storyteller, an artist, a futurist, and I have brain cancer. My biggest fear has always been being perceived as crazy. Living in a world I am the only one in agreement with. Being completely isolated in my own brain with no one to share my experiences with. It’s funny how your biggest fear is generally the thing … Continue reading JoAnna Stephens: LOVE over FEAR


These days, you can throw a pebble in any direction and hit a Life Coach. They come in all shapes and sizes, and flood your social media platforms with anecdotes and buzzwords meant to lure you into trading currency (energetic or physical) to learn more. With the help of inspirational quotes, good lighting and great editing, we can transform the mediocre into the magnificent. What … Continue reading Help.

From Breath to Bounty

The physical manifestation of DOING seems simple enough. Action, we are taught, is almost instinctive in its ease. We are raised with the notion of simply doing to produce any given result, and taught that the consequence of such will shake itself out. If all you know is to simply do a thing, then it’s natural to feel confusion, even desperation, when you find yourself … Continue reading From Breath to Bounty