Love around the World (Canada)

*This letter was published with permission from the author. He has also given us permission to release his name and general location* “Nice to see the men’s perspective on self care. I think that women have had a much better handle on it for so long, that everyone forgets that we men are not machines. Even with the recent (justified) uproar in the women’s ranks, … Continue reading Love around the World (Canada)

Love, Jordan

Once upon a time,  the mere mention of ‘self care’ would make me cringe. I’d feel like: “What is this person even talking about… this new-age feel good whatever the hell spiritual/emotional/mental… what does it even mean? Today, I see that the truth was that I didn’t care enough about myself to practice self-care, so I hated what it represented and what it was. I’ve … Continue reading Love, Jordan

LOVE: Words & Weapons

“I’m so fat.” “I’m such a loser.” “My face is so ugly.” “My hair is the worst.” “I can’t do that because…” If I had a dime for every person who said those things and so much worse in my presence… I’ve often pontificated about the danger of weaponizing words, particularly against yourself. That if you routinely disparage yourself (even in the name of faux … Continue reading LOVE: Words & Weapons